Sofistone creates high security and high reliability data archiving services and solutions. Current focus is on research, product prototypes and proof-of-concept systems. Customer pilot projects are active.

We offer a completely new and highly advanced archiving and data mining service, which enables our customers to comply with any and all archiving requirements in their legal domain. Typical regulatory archiving spans are from 1 year to 15 years.

Outsourcing archiving to Sofistone, allows customers to focus on their own important core business, while reducing costs and resources required for regulatory compliance.

Our solution provides a powerful way to comply with the various data retention requirements, without customer specific individual archiving systems and related maintenance tasks. Reliable archiving is made with fully redundant storage systems. Storage has automatic hot standby components resolving any foreseeable issues with data reliability or availability. Archives are synchronously mirrored to secondary archiving sites, for highest level of protection.

For specific data mining requirements, Sofistone is able to offer secure user interfaces and also other automated interfaces for data requests and extracts. Archives need to be reliable and readily available once any type of authorized access is required. Advanced data mining techniques are engineered for specific contents, which provide good view of the events and their relationships in text and graphical format.

Any access to the archive, and any extracts of its confidential data, is a carefully controlled event. While still keeping access easy and efficient, archive maintains complete and secured audit trails for all future verification and auditing requirements.

Service is always focused on providing complete end-to-end solutions for any particular data type. While passive archiving services are also available, Sofistone core business is to understand completely the contents and structures of archived data. This method allows data extracts to be provided with complete accuracy.

The regulatory compliance of Sofistone CRRA system is based on:

  • National requirements for industry specific archiving
  • European Union directives and agreements on archiving business data
  • SOX, Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  • SEC 17a-4
  • Certain business specific archiving regulations
Strong security is achieved using encrypted communications links, high capacity IP- and circuit based VPNs and certified firewalls to provide total separation from the public Internet.

Procedures are executed using the ISO 27001 requirements. ISO methods are in use, and certification process on the way.

Archiving service is available for piloting, implementation and integration. White papers available for the qualifying piloting partners.

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